Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Upcoming Cool Calc Version 1.7

We have had to delay the release of the upcoming Cool Calc update (version 1.7) because of some new technical requirements.  We are currently in the process of developing a new internal calculation "engine" capable of dealing with the advanced functionality associated with a full-featured scientific calculator.

The prototype layout for the new scientific mode of Cool Calc, which is activated by rotating the phone sideways, is as follows:

The new version will be a major update to Cool Calc, as the scientific mode will include:
  • Entry and processing of arbitrarily complex formulae in algebraic notation
  • Trigonometric functions (sine/arcsine, cosine/arccosine, tangent/arctangent, and their hyperbolic functions (sineh, arcsineh, etc.)
  • Natural and base 10 logarithms and their inverses
  • Powers and roots
  • Factorials
  • Integer/fraction conversion
  • Automatic use of mathematical order of operations
  • Custom override of order of operations via '(' and ')' grouping operators
  • Common mathematical constant values as single-key inputs
  • Degree/Radian/Grad angle modes
  • Entry or display in scientific notation
  • Undo/Redo button (either reverses or restores last action or input)
  • Storage, retrieval, and display of multiple memory values
  • Access to previously-entered formulae
  • All the common functions of the portrait mode of Cool Calc (basic math, inverse, change-sign, square root, etc.)
We hope to have all these new enhancements available within this next month.  Stay tuned here for more details on these new developments.

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