Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cool Conversions™ and Cool Grader™ now available!

The new Cool Conversions (version 1.1.0) and Cool Grader (version 2.1.0) apps are now available in the Windows Phone Store. 
For details, please visit the following links:

Friday, June 14, 2013

Cool Grader 2.1.0 now in beta test phase

Cool Grader now contains the code to support a trial version of the app, which allows people to download and use it for free before they buy it.  The trial version lacks a few important functions but provides some basics and allows the customer use the app before purchasing. 

This new version also contains the Conversions system, which performs conversions between various measurement units, such as Area, Heat, Length, Mass, Speed, Temperature, Time, and Volume:

Conversions now supported
Length/Distance conversions

Beta-testing for Cool Grader 2.1.0 should be complete by this weekend, and pending evaluation and addressing any outstanding issues, the new app upgrade should be publicly available next week.

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Search now supported

Based on user requests, I have added a Search function to the Unit Converter, which allows you to search for a measurement unit or unit category, as shown in the following example:

Starting from any point in the Converter screen, you may touch the [Search] button to bring up the Search display:

You may then type some or all of a unit name or category, and the matching items will automatically display:

In the above example, "mp" was typed into the 'Search for' box, and the units or categories that contained "mp" were automatically listed.  When you see the listed unit you are searching for, touch that unit to automatically display it in the Converter:

In the above example, the search item "mile per hour" was selected, and the Converter automatically displayed the "Speed" category and the "Mile per hour" unit.

You may also use the Search function to select a unit category.  For example, touch the [Search] button and scroll to the category you want:

If you want to see Mass units in the Converter, touch the "Mass" item in the search list, and the Converter will display that category with the previously-selected units:

Monday, June 3, 2013

Conversion table now supported

The Converter now supports display of a conversion table, which contains a list of converted values for all units in the currently-displayed unit category.  For example, if the Temperature category is displayed, a conversion result may be:

You may touch the [Table] button to display a conversion table, which in this example would look like this:
You may then touch any displayed information to copy the table to the clipboard, which allows the conversion table to be pasted into other apps, such as e-mail, a document, etc.  The format of the clipboard text in this example is:
Temperature Conversion Table

0 °Celsius (°C) =

150 °Delisle  (°D)
32 °Fahrenheit  (°F)
273.15 kelvin  (K)
0 °Newton  (°N)
491.67 °Rankine  (°Ra)
0 °Réaumur  (°Ré)
7.5 °Rømer  (°Rø)


Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unit Converter -- near completion!

Finally completed initial set of conversion units in the Cool Grader Converter!  After some finishing touches and additional testing, I will publish the converter in both a Cool Grader update and in a new, separate app, dedicated to unit conversion (name to be announced at publishing).  Additional conversion units and measurement categories will be added in future app upgrades.

The initial set of conversion units includes:

acre (ac), hectare (ha), section (sect), square centimeter (cm^2), square foot (sq ft), square inch (sq in), square kilometer (km^2), square meter (m^2), square microinch (µin^2), square micrometer (µm^2), square micron (µm^2), square mile (sq mi), square millimeter (mm^2), square nautical mile (sq NM), square yard (sq yd), survey acre (ac [survey])

British thermal unit (Btu), calorie (cal), Food calorie (kcal), joule (J)

astronomical unit (au), chain (ch), centimeter (cm), decimeter (dm), foot (ft), furlong (fur), inch (in), kilometer (km), league (lea), light year (ly), meter (m), microinch (µin), micrometer (µm), micron (µm), mile (mi), millimeter (mm), nanometer (nm), nautical mile (NM), parsec (pc), picometer (pm), survey foot (ft [survey]), survey mile (mi [survey]), survey yard (yd [survey]), yard (yd)

carat/metric carat (ct), grain (gr), gram (g), hundredweight long UK (cwt), hundredweight short US (cwt-s), kilogram (kg), long ton (ton), metric hundredweight (cwt-m), microgram (µg or mcg), milligram (mg), nanogram (ng), Newton (N), ounce (oz), pennyweight (dwt), picogram (pg), pound (lb), short ton (ton-s), stone (st), tonne/metric ton (t), troy ounce (oz-t), troy pound (lb-t)

foot per second (ft/s), kilometer per hour (km/h), kilometer per second (km/s), knot (kn), meter per second (m/s), mile per hour (mph), mile per second (mi/s)

Celsius (°C), Delisle (°D), Fahrenheit (°F), kelvin (K), Newton (°N), Rankine (°Ra), Réaumur (°Ré), Rømer (°Rø)

century (c.), day (d), decade (dc), hour (h), microsecond (µs), millenium (mn), millisecond (ms), minute (min), calendar month (mo), nanosecond (ns), second (s), week (wk), year (yr)

bushel (Imperial) (Imp. bsh), bushel (US) (US bsh), cubic centimeter (cc), cubic decimeter (dm^3), cubic foot (ft^3), cubic inch (in^3), cubic meter (m^3), cubic millimeter (mm^3), cubic yard (yd^3), cup (US) (cup), cup (metric) (cup-m), dry gallon (dry gal), dry pint (dry pt), dry quart (dry qt), fluid ounce (Imperial) (Imp. fl oz), fluid ounce (US) (US fl oz), gallon (Imperial) (Imp. gal), gallon (US) (US gal), gill (Imperial) (Imp. gi), gill (US) (US gi), kiloliter (kL), liter (L), microliter (µL), milliliter (mL), peck (Imperial) (Imp. pk), peck (US) (US pk), pint (Imperial) (Imp. pt), pint (US) (liq pt), quart (Imperial) (Imp. qt), quart (US) (US qt), tablespoon (Tbsp), tablespoon (Australian) (Tbsp (A)), teaspoon (tsp)