Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Conversions enhancements

The Cool Grader and Cool Conversions apps have been enhanced to have a simpler user interface for the Conversions page and provide more detailed, useful measurement-unit information.  For one, the page has been changed to no longer display unit information at the bottom; it instead displays the detailed unit information on a separate page.  The new format for the main Conversions page is shown below:

Volume conversions
This new format has more room for displaying the unit lists and the conversion results, making the units easier to select and the results easier to read and more informative. 

To see the detailed unit information, the user may touch the (i) information button for either the From or the To unit, and the information is displayed on a separate page:

Detailed information for Liter
The user may scroll the page to see all the information available for the selected unit:

Remaining information for Liter
In addition, several web links are provided at the bottom for each unit, under the heading "More Information".  For example, touching the "Direct" web-link for the Liter unit displays the following page:

Direct web-link info for Liter
These enhancements to the Conversions page provide more detailed and easier-to-read information for each measurement unit, and a side-effect of the underlying code enhancements is that the page displays and scrolls more quickly and smoothly, especially when using a low-memory phone.

The new app versions containing these enhancements are Cool Grader 2.3.0 and Cool Conversions 1.3.0, which should be publicly available within a few days.  If you wish to view the detailed information for either of these apps in the Windows Phone Store, visit the following links:

Friday, July 5, 2013

Upcoming Conversions app enhancements

I'm about to port the Windows Phone apps (Cool Grader & Cool Conversions) to the Windows 8 / Tablet platform.  In preparation for that process, I've made some underlying code architecture improvements.  More visibly, I'm adding some additional units to the Conversions page (in Energy/Heat, Angles, and Pressure), and I've also enhanced each unit category to display detailed web information for each unit, as shown here:

Detailed unit information is
displayed from the web.
The information button ('i') is available
for both the 'From' and the 'To' units.