Monday, May 19, 2014

Cool Times app - Release 1

I've released a new app in the Windows Store called Cool Times.  Look here for a complete description and to download it: Cool Times for Windows

I developed this app primarily as a real-world test of my ICE technology and to lay down a framework of standardized, reusable components that make it much faster and easier to develop new apps for Windows and Windows Phone.  But in this initial process, I think I've come up with something really useful and cool -- "Cool Times".  Here's a high-level view of some of the coolness:


You can set up any number of alarms, which can alert you in various ways, including Daily, Weekdays, Weekends, Sunday through Saturday, One-time, and Any frequency.  You have total flexibility in setting up custom alarms exactly the way you need, and they remain active and accurate even if your machine is turned off!

Set up timers for fixed-duration events, such as cooking a dish, administering a timed exam in the classroom, etc.

Stop Watches
Stop watches are handy for timing races with laps, measuring events and event intervals, and anything else where you need to know how much time something takes.

Share any of your time information with your friends and family, using the handy Share function.

Use Search to quickly locate one of your alarms, timers, or stop watches when you have set up a lot of items and need to find one of them.

Customize the appearance of your app to whatever you like by selecting your own background image or highlight color.