Friday, July 5, 2013

Upcoming Conversions app enhancements

I'm about to port the Windows Phone apps (Cool Grader & Cool Conversions) to the Windows 8 / Tablet platform.  In preparation for that process, I've made some underlying code architecture improvements.  More visibly, I'm adding some additional units to the Conversions page (in Energy/Heat, Angles, and Pressure), and I've also enhanced each unit category to display detailed web information for each unit, as shown here:

Detailed unit information is
displayed from the web.
The information button ('i') is available
for both the 'From' and the 'To' units.


  1. How big a change was it? Were you able to share most the code?

    1. Essentially all of the underlying ICE code (all C#) ported unchanged (by design). Although the code-behind and XAML for the UX did not port entirely, almost all of it was compatible, the effect of which was that it could usually be copied section-by-section to the new target modules.

      I have specifically avoided HTML5/JavaScript in all this, and I plan to continue to ignore that so-called "solution", which I see as unviable, unnecessary, and incompatible with the well-proven XAML approach. Since I have no requirement for porting apps to "similar" HTML5 environments and plan to stay in the Windows world, I see no reason to depart from the real-world, mainstream direction of C# and XAML.

    2. (Besides, WPF is simply cool, once you get the hang of it.)