Sunday, June 2, 2013

Unit Converter -- near completion!

Finally completed initial set of conversion units in the Cool Grader Converter!  After some finishing touches and additional testing, I will publish the converter in both a Cool Grader update and in a new, separate app, dedicated to unit conversion (name to be announced at publishing).  Additional conversion units and measurement categories will be added in future app upgrades.

The initial set of conversion units includes:

acre (ac), hectare (ha), section (sect), square centimeter (cm^2), square foot (sq ft), square inch (sq in), square kilometer (km^2), square meter (m^2), square microinch (µin^2), square micrometer (µm^2), square micron (µm^2), square mile (sq mi), square millimeter (mm^2), square nautical mile (sq NM), square yard (sq yd), survey acre (ac [survey])

British thermal unit (Btu), calorie (cal), Food calorie (kcal), joule (J)

astronomical unit (au), chain (ch), centimeter (cm), decimeter (dm), foot (ft), furlong (fur), inch (in), kilometer (km), league (lea), light year (ly), meter (m), microinch (µin), micrometer (µm), micron (µm), mile (mi), millimeter (mm), nanometer (nm), nautical mile (NM), parsec (pc), picometer (pm), survey foot (ft [survey]), survey mile (mi [survey]), survey yard (yd [survey]), yard (yd)

carat/metric carat (ct), grain (gr), gram (g), hundredweight long UK (cwt), hundredweight short US (cwt-s), kilogram (kg), long ton (ton), metric hundredweight (cwt-m), microgram (µg or mcg), milligram (mg), nanogram (ng), Newton (N), ounce (oz), pennyweight (dwt), picogram (pg), pound (lb), short ton (ton-s), stone (st), tonne/metric ton (t), troy ounce (oz-t), troy pound (lb-t)

foot per second (ft/s), kilometer per hour (km/h), kilometer per second (km/s), knot (kn), meter per second (m/s), mile per hour (mph), mile per second (mi/s)

Celsius (°C), Delisle (°D), Fahrenheit (°F), kelvin (K), Newton (°N), Rankine (°Ra), Réaumur (°Ré), Rømer (°Rø)

century (c.), day (d), decade (dc), hour (h), microsecond (µs), millenium (mn), millisecond (ms), minute (min), calendar month (mo), nanosecond (ns), second (s), week (wk), year (yr)

bushel (Imperial) (Imp. bsh), bushel (US) (US bsh), cubic centimeter (cc), cubic decimeter (dm^3), cubic foot (ft^3), cubic inch (in^3), cubic meter (m^3), cubic millimeter (mm^3), cubic yard (yd^3), cup (US) (cup), cup (metric) (cup-m), dry gallon (dry gal), dry pint (dry pt), dry quart (dry qt), fluid ounce (Imperial) (Imp. fl oz), fluid ounce (US) (US fl oz), gallon (Imperial) (Imp. gal), gallon (US) (US gal), gill (Imperial) (Imp. gi), gill (US) (US gi), kiloliter (kL), liter (L), microliter (µL), milliliter (mL), peck (Imperial) (Imp. pk), peck (US) (US pk), pint (Imperial) (Imp. pt), pint (US) (liq pt), quart (Imperial) (Imp. qt), quart (US) (US qt), tablespoon (Tbsp), tablespoon (Australian) (Tbsp (A)), teaspoon (tsp)

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