Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Converter integration with Calculator

I've integrated the Converter with the Calculator to allow passing values between them.  This allows for entry and editing of values in standard scientific notation (ex: 1.234E18 [1.234 x 10^18]) and for performing calculations on values in the Calculator and passing them back into the Converter.

For example, suppose you have the following conversion from light years to meters:

You can then change the light-years value by first swapping the units (touch either "From" or "To"):

Then touch the [Calculator] button to send the light-years value to the Calculator:

Perform a calculation on the value (ex: divide it by 1000):

You may then touch the result value in the display area to copy the value to the clipboard, touch the [Done] button, and paste the new value into the Converter's "From" value box:

A new conversion will be performed and the result will be displayed automatically:

This is of course a simplistic, contrived example.  Another use of the Calculator integration is to enter a number in scientific notation.  For example, you may touch the [Calculator] button, enter a new value, and touch it to copy to the clipboard, such as:

Touch [Done] to return to the Converter and paste the new value into the "From" value box.  This will automatically perform a new conversion:

More later ...

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