Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Cool Grader Version 1.6 now available

Cool Grader 1.6

Version 1.6 of Cool Grader is now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace.  It incorporates help within the app, without relying on an Internet connection, in addition to some performance enhancements.

If you have a previous version of Cool Grader, version 1.6 is available as a free update.  All MJ App Factory updates are free to existing users.

Upcoming enhancements
  • Cool Calc 1.6 will also be available in the marketplace within a few days.  It incorporates the same improvements as Cool Grader 1.6.
  • Both Cool Calc and Cool Grader 1.7 will add a landscape-mode scientific calculator and updated help.  These two new releases are expected to go to certification within the next week.  This blog will contain the announcement of their availability when the updates are published.
  • Cool Calc (and Cool Grader) version 1.8 will contain support for multiple memory values and multiple operation/result sequences.  These will be incorporated on a new Calculator Detail display, and the values from both the memory list and the operation/result list will be available for reuse within the app.  Both the memory list and the operation/result list will also be automatically stored for later access.

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