Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Usability updates, RSS, Atom & FeedBurner news feeds, Twitter feed

Usability updates
Version 1.6 of Cool Grader and Cool Calc now include help information built into the app.  Neither rely on the Internet connection to get Help.  This help integration not only makes retrieval of help information much faster, but it also means you no longer need to have a working Internet connection just to get help.

Both updated apps are currently in Microsoft certification testing and are expected to be released within the next few days as updates on the Windows 7 Phone Marketplace.  We will post another notification here when the certification cycle is done and they are available for download.  (Note: If you already own these apps, the update is free.  You may purchase the app now and get the update later at no additional cost.)

RSS, Atom & FeedBurner news feeds
In addition to the "Follow by Email" subscription options, you may subscribe to this blog's updates via either RSS, Atom, or Feedburner.  To use RSS or Atom, when viewing the blog page click on the down-arrow beside your browser's Feeds icon and select either RSS or Atom.  To use FeedBurner, click on "Subscribe to updates via FeedBurner" on the left of the main blog screen, and you will be taken to the FeedBurner page.

Twitter feed
You may follow us on twitter either by subscribing at http://www.twitter.com/mjappfactory or via SMS by texting "follow mjappfactory" to 40404 in the United States.  You may also click on "Subscribe to updates via Twitter" on the left of the main blog screen.

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