Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Conversions enhancements and News

After spending time in Colorado for our sweet new granddaughter's birth, I've made more progress on the unit conversion functions in the Cool Conversions and Cool Grader apps, namely in adding new units:

  - Power: BTU per hour, BTU per minute, BTU per second, Foot-pound per minute,
     Foot-pound per second, Horsepower, Horsepower (electrical), Horsepower (metric),
     Kilowatt, Ton of refrigeration, Watt
  - Pressure: Atmosphere, Bar, Inch of mercury, Kilopascal, Millibar, Millimeter of mercury,
     Pascal, Pound per square inch, Technical atmosphere, Torr
  - Length/Distance: Angstrom, Hand, Link, Rod, Span
  - Speed: Light speed, Mach

Two new unit categories were added in these latest updates: Power and Pressure:

"Power" unit conversions
"Pressure" unit conversions

To see a complete list of all units currently supported, please visit the MJ App Factory website.
Also, I'm making progress on the Windows 8 (desktop/tablet) versions of Cool Conversions and Cool Grader.  More news on that later ...

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