Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Cool Grader - final screens

I am now in the field-testing phase of the app, and here are the final screen shots.  Please note that the background image is customizable -- the user may choose whatever picture they want for the background from photos saved on their device or from a new image captured with the camera built into the app.

Main panels

Main screen - HomeMain screen - Settings
Main screen - About 



CalculatorCalculator Detail - Operations
Calculator Detail - Status
Text color
Text color - select from color name listText color - select from color palette

Text color - customize the selected color

Background image
Background image - snap new photo or select a saved imageBackground image - Adjustments

Background image - Save to camera roll or rotate pictureBackground image - Choose album from which to get new image
Background image - Select a new image from all existing picturesBackground image - Select a new image from a picture list sorted by date

Information about the app

About the app - Calculator infoAbout the app - Summary

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