Tuesday, July 17, 2012

What's happening lately

The last couple of months, I've been doing a lot of work preparing for the new Windows 7/8 Phone app and Windows 8 tablet development I've planned.  The fun things I've been bogged down with include:
  • Research into Windows 8 and Windows 8 Phone details, including new software development stuff from Microsoft
  • Continued enhancement of my underlying ICE framework, including (for those who know the lingo) full XML support for app-data persistence and cloud data sharing and synchronization between devices running my apps
  • App feature requirements and detailed design work
  • Cross-platform support for Windows 8, Windows 7, phones, tablets, and web pages
Doesn't all that sound like loads of fun?

After a few more technical tweaks to my underlying framework stuff (and completing some more documentation for other programmers using it), I'll dive in to development of the prototype for the Cool Grader app upgrade.  Hopefully, I'll have it ready for review by testers within this next week or the next.  One hopes, anyway.

What fun ... :)

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