Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Status from Neverland

Hey, all.  I call this "Neverland" because my project is "never" finished.  Or maybe it gets finished only in a fantasy world where the heroes belong on peanut-butter jar labels.

Anyway, ICE has taken a turn for the better, but the direction is very different.  Instead of being only a repository of mathematical algorithms, it is becoming a general-purpose "dynamic software framework".  Without explaining exactly what that means, its new design, which is taking shape really well, is aimed at making it easier both for me and other developers to quickly design and develop mobile and desktop software applications.  All that sounds like a mouthful of hot air.  We'll see ... please stay tuned.

I'll just leave it at that for now.  Anyone interested in understanding more can send me a personal e-mail.  And I'll try to do better at poking my head out of Neverland more often and let the real world know (at least the part that cares) what mysteries might or might not be occurring in there.  (Don't you love meaningful phrases like "might or might not"?  I know I do, as proven here yet again.)


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